What is dedicated server?

What's Dedicated Server ?

Dedicated Server is a service that rents out servers.
Help us avoid having to invest in purchasing a server on our own, which would save us a lot of money. In addition, we can administer Dedicated Servers through Remote Access (Telnet, Terminal) or Remote Desktop.< It's as if you're sitting in front of the Dedicated Server. We can also assign use zones as needed. A dedicated server is appropriate for tasks that need It makes extensive use of machine resources and has a huge database. Application Server, Web Server, Mail Server, Live Broadcast Server, and other confidential information

The Dedicated Server service is appropriate for those searching for a high-performance server.
Be secure and private, and do not want to share the server with anyone

Depending on the rental contract, the service charge may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly.
When a service user rents a Dedicated Server, they will have the right to use the Server machine in all respects, including the ability to use Resources in all parts of the Server, but they will not have the right to own the machine (Hardware), except in some cases where the user uses the full capacity of the server.
For example, during the lease time, the Dedicated Server may pay 8,000 per month, but after 12 months, may pay just 3,000 per month, and so on.

Dedicated Server

Before purchasing a dedicated server, you should look at the terms and conditions of the hardware warranty and support, since some businesses frequently add extra for this fee afterwards.

Who is a Dedicated Server suitable for?
1. A company for creating websites or launching a web hosting business that would save money over renting each web hosting plan independently.
2. Those who wish to make the most of the server's resources.
3. Those that seek the highest level of data protection for their server
4. Those who wish to install a software or utilize a service that is not supported by standard web hosting.
5. Those who wish to run their own server, but lack the necessary expertise and experience.
6. Organizations or businesses who wish to establish a mail server for internal usage but do not have an administrator
7. Those who do not want to spend a lot of money on server hardware and software.
Adding a slew of other costs that will accrue
8. Those who wish to handle the fundamentals on their own, such as creating a user account, setting an email address, and changing multiple passwords, using a web-based program known as cPanel / WHM / Direct Admin.

Date : 2 October 2018

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