Web hosting is a format of the service that allows the users bring up the webpage for online on internet. HSP is another name of webhost shorted form Hosting Service Provider. It is a business that uses the necessary technology to build up a website for the service. The objective of HSP is that the website can be seen on internet.

Every website that online on internet has to be put or store on a special computer called Web Server. Web Server is a connector that links to everywhere 24 hours. Therefore, your website can be linked anytime in the world that has internet access. It is easy. Just type your domain name, such as http://www.yourcompany.com. The internet service provider will set up the entire of system for you.Consequently, when a person types you web address, your web address will be sent from a computer to other computers until it founds a web server that you put your website (Host computer) which takes just only split second.

For your online on internet, the first thing you have to have is a web server. Setting up your own web server can be done but it is costly and has to use a technique professional taking care of the server. Subsequently, most of the firm cannot afford it. This is the origin of web hosting service. A good web hosting service has to service both facilities and advices to the clients. Therefore the customers can take care of and correct their website by themselves. The hosting provider will charge the service fee form renting the space. The space is used to store website data that want to be presented including e-mail, database system, statistic data about the viewer etc.

Most of web hosting service has a merit which is outsourced service. Therefore, the user does not have to be complicated with the server system. The server provider will execute and be responsibility entirely from setting until taking care of your system.

The best web hosting system has to provide the system that is easy to use and the user does not have to be seethe with the complicate function of the system. Therefore you can disseminate and present the work easily and rapidly. Importantly, web hosting has to have a good security system.

Date : 12 December 2007