Documents for Domain Name Registration

Requirement Document of Application
For the commerce and business, the person who requests for the domain registration in this category has to be business organization that has been registered in Thailand or international firms which has the representative. The representative has to register in Thailand and has to have the assign from the parent company in another country 1. ภ.พ.20 (value-added tax), ท.ค.0401 (business registration), or พค 401 are needed for the organization which register in Thailand.
2. The signature and stamp including the English name with the domain name that want to register
Note domain name has to conform or part of or abbreviate from the name of the organization Example of the certificate
For the organizations and personal copy of ID card, driver's licence or work permit with the statement for the service
Example of the documents for people
For the education institution, the person who request for the domain registration in this category has to be the education institution which register in Thailand The education institution certificate or official letter from the education institution must have the English name, signature and stamp.
Note If the institution certificate cannot be displayed, The education institution should provide a reference letter which states
- Title : domain registratino
- To : THnique corporation manager
- location of education institution
- Institution or government section
- Avouch for domain registration
- Avouch for education institution English name with the stamp and the signature of education institution director
Example of education instution certificate , education institution licence
For the government uses, the person who requests for the domain registration in this category has to be Thai government section. Example of CIO document, document from the section to CIO
For the internet service provider (ISP) which is allowed to open the service from Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) or the person who access to provide the service from ISP Document from ISP
 Example of document
Non-profit organization Foundation or organization certificate
Example of document
For military Example of document

Change Registrar (.th)

Preparing document (Document for changing registrar), then stamp + sign and email to thailand dedicated server

Thnic Reseller Authorize

Domain .th Free for .ไทย

Register Domain .th  Free for .ไทย