Web Hosting

is a service for space renting or website depositary on web server. It helps you and your clients cut down the great number of expenses without any extra payment such as.
  • Hardware

    It is an instrument which works as a server. Hardware has to have high efficiency. The firms which provide this service mostly use at least PC Pentium III and a great amount of RAM. Therefore, the service is expensive.
  • Software

    It is divided into 2 categories which are operating system software (OS) and application software.
    • Operating System (OS)

      server has 2 kinds of OS that is Microsoft (Windows 2000 Server & Advanced Server) and Linux (RedHat) . Microsoft has higher price than Linux.
    • Application

      It is used with a web server. Mainly several program are used in the service such as web server, FTP server, mail server, DNS server etc. Several programs are used and the price of software is expensive and there are several softwares to choose in the market.
  • Peopleware

    Skilful people are a must to take care of the system either hardware or software. The skilful people are hired as permanent or temporary worker with high wage. In addition, they are several internet service providers (ISP) which charge the rent fee monthly but still expensive. In conclusion, the expenditure is still high (start with 100,000 baht) to make your and your client?s website are visible to people all around the world. No matter what your objective is, ask yourselves that are you ready for the investment with having your own website or company website? Is the answer is ?NO? but have a homepage or webpage which want to be distributed to the world market, which can you use to circulate the website? The answer is using webhosting service from a service provider. However, the minimum fee is expensive (minimum fee has been mentioned above) with no taking care of the system (hardware, software, OS and application). You will be charged every month, 3 months, 6 months or year from most of the service providers. Your responsibility is just search for a reliable service provider, amiable talk. In addition, rent/depositary fee is reasonable.

Date : 25 December 2008