Data Center improve electrical system

CAT-IDC will develop the electricity into a TIER 3 standards of The Uptime Institute to uptime 99.98% (1.6 hours/year).
On October 30, 2553 at 00:00 to 1:00 pm.
After the official CAT-IDC will continue to improve completed your Instant Restart Server.

Date : 27 October 2010

hosting Change New Server for IP :
hosting Schedule of Upgrade version php for server IP:
hosting Urgen!! Server Maintenance Schedule
hosting Change New Server for IP :
hosting Maintenance Hardware Schedule
hosting Our service has been developed progressively. The bandwidth in Thailand and foreign country has been increased
hosting Increasing Ram
hosting maintenance ระบบ network
hosting Update Program
hosting Maintenance Server
hosting Shutdown Server for a moment for incresing ram
hosting Increase backup system for web hosting customer
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