With technology cloud hosting with promotion 20-30 % / year : Linux + Affordable

New technology for your business with Cloud Hosting
Special for old customer which using Linux Web Hosting every Package or Afforable Web Hosting every Package
and want new technology with Cloud Linux Web Hosting get discount 20% as many years as you want or Cloud Afforable Web Hosting get discount 30% as many years as you want

Now till 30 Sep 2014

1. Contact support@ic-myhost.com to request quotation with renew to cloud business hosting and get discount
2. Confirm payment within 30 Nov 2014

1. Every Linux Web Hosting Package which want to use Cloud Linux Web Hosting , Every Afforable Web Hosting Package which want to use Cloud Afforable Web Hosting
request for quotation from now till 30 Nov 2014 for receiving the promotion
2. Our company reserves the right to change the promotions any time.
What is Cloud Hosting?
What is Cloud Server?
Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting

Date : 08 October 2014