Best Promotion with IC-MyHost

New register+Domain & Hosting 1year + Hosting 2 months.
New register or Renew+Domain & Hosting 2 years + Hosting + 4 months or Discount Hosting 10%
New register or Renew+Domain & Hosting 3 years + Hosting + 6 months or Discount Hosting 15%
New register or Renew+Domain & Hosting 4 years + Hosting + 1 year or Discount Hosting 25%

Since now till 31 May 14
Our company reserves the right to change the promotions any time.

1. For promotion 2,3 and 4 years, when customer receive quotation and confirm payment.
IC-MyHost will add extra deadline in which ralated the promotion received.
2. When customer want to get discount from the promotion instead add extra deadline, customer have to contact
Hotline or email for request new quotation with new discount before making a payment.
3. % Discount is only hosting discount not including domain
4. When customer already make a payment, IC-MyHost will not any change quotation at all.

Date : 18 March 2014