Alert about the impact of improving power system CAT-IDC

As CAT-IDC will improvements to all electrical power system TIER 3 standards of Uptime Institute, which has a 99.98% Uptime Percentage is reduced to 1.6 opportunities Downtime hours per year. The developments of the electricity system CAT-IDC have power from another power station as a backup supply and equipment Static Transfer Switch (STS) is a working principle. When the main power supply failure STS will switch automatically to a resource that allows devices. Not related to short-circuit and no impact to the continued power.
The action will affect the following device.

1. Sunday, Oct 18, 2009 at 04.00-06.00 am equipped with the STS with National Internet Gateway (NIX) result Bandwidth all domestic lower 50.
2. Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 00.00-03.00 am equipped with the STS. Rack cabinet with equipment that will need your fire power. In this request to staff your remote shutdown server before that time after the officers. CAT-IDC operations will successfully improve your imedidate Restart Server.

Please be notified this and be apologized for such as inconvenience. Thanks you.

Any further question, please ask 02-640-5588 or 086-3083669 or

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Date : 14 October 2009