Warning of email scammers

Currently, we have investigated and found that there are scammers trying to impersonate Ideal Creation Center Company Limited [ic-myhost.com].
Currently detected, these criminals use methods such as

1. E-mail Conversion Send a notification of expiration (fake) and a notification of payment of the service fee (not true) given to customers
2. Phone number in the email (fake) and payment method (fake) to transfer money to scammers
3. Search for information from the internet, the customer's website, or ic-myhost.com's website to get basic information.
4. The company has not leaked customer information or been hacked in any way.

An example of an email from a scammer

Therefore, we would like to inform customers that if you suspect you've encountered something unusual, you can contact the service provider directly at https://www.ic-myhost.com.
There is also a hotline;

HOTLINE: 082-263-8558 or 086-308-3669
Line Official ID: @ic-myhost

If you are in doubt or encounter something not normal, you can inquire through the aforementioned channels.

Date : 04 January 2024