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Dell R310 Dedicated Server

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Dell R310

powered by dell R310 Specification
Processor (CPU) X3430
(4 Cores, 4 Threads)
Operating System ** Linux/Windows
Primary HardDrive SATA 500 GB
2nd HardDrive Option
Raid Controller Raid 0,1
Memory (RAM)
2 GB
Network Gigabit Lan Port
(1000 Mbps)
IP Address 1 IP Address
Data Transfer Unlimited
IDC (Internet Data Center) *** CAT-IDC
1 Year Period * Server Dell R310 Hot Promotion from 5,800 to 3200 3200 Bht / mon
Sold out
Setup ( first time ) * Free


  • Include 1 IPv4
  • 1 Gb Port (Gigabit Network unlimited data transfer)
  • CAT IDC Data Center
  • Setup Fee 500 bht for first 1 month of contract *

Dedicated Server Addon

Addon Monthly Price
Additional IPs 300
Additional RAID 0 , 1 Controller 800
Additional RAM 2 GB [R210, R310, R320] 500
Additional RAM 4 GB [R210, R310, R320] 600
Additional RAM 8 GB [R210, R310, R320] 1,000
Additional RAM 16GB [R610, R620] 1,000
Additional RAM 32GB [R610, R620] 2,000
Additional RAM 64GB [R610, R620] 4,000
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 500GB SATA [R310, R320] 500
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 1TB SATA [R310, R320] 600
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 2TB SATA [R310, R320] 1,500
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 3TB SATA [R310, R320] 2,250
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 4TB SATA [R310, R320] 2,700
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 1TB SAS [R610, R620] 750
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 250GB SSD [R610, R620] 900
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 500GB SSD [R610, R620] 1,400
Additional Hot Plug Hard Drive 1TB SSD [R610, R620] 2,700
Additional Hard Drive 500 GB [R210] 500
Additional Hard Drive 1TB [R210] 1,136
Additional Hard Drive 2TB [R210] 1,818
Additional Gigabit Lan Port (10/100/1000 Mbps) 1,000
FTP Server 50 GB (Backup Server) 300
FTP Server 100 GB (Backup Server) 500
FTP Server 500 GB (Backup Server) 1,800
Direct Admin Control Panel 350
Windows Web Server 2008 R2 800
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition 1,200
Windows Server Standard 2012 1,200
Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 1,200
Windows Server Standard 2016 1,200
Windows Server Standard 2019 1,200
Windows Server Standard 2022 1,200

All Dedicated Server Include

  • Gigabit Network
  • High quality equipments
  • Increasable the capacity of hard disk
  • Increasable memory (RAM)
  • Guarantee Network Uptime up to 99.9%
  • OS : windows, Linux or FreeBSD
  • Service on a huge Bandwidth
  • Remote Reboot System

Additional Services

dedicated server Firewall IPTable Include
dedicated server Hardware Firewall Option
dedicated server Trafic Monitor Include
dedicated server Monitor Server Include
dedicated server E-mail Alert Include
dedicated server SMS Alert Option
dedicated server E-mail Scan Virus Option
dedicated server E-mail Spam Filter Option