Why Daily & Weekly Backup

Sourcecode and Database are the most important of the website. In case, the operating system has a problem and the service provider can't guarantee backup. Your data on your website will be lost. It can't recovery again. So our company has protecting system by data backup regularly both Daily backup and Weekly backup.

backup server

Daily Backup Weekly Backup
Backup Database : Database protecting system by data daily backup. It's protect for your database, you can rotate recovery everyday maximum 1 month. Backup Soucecode & System : Data protecting system data backup every week. It's protect for your system, you can rotate recovery every week maximum 1 month.

Why IC-MyHost Thailand Web Hosting

Why IC-MyHost Thailand Web Hosting
  • We are the webhosting and domain leader which has credits from our customer either in Thailand or other countries for more than 5 years
  • We have world standard DELL server which can support and promote your online business
  • Our network has the maximum bandwidth in Thailand, backbone 450 Gbps
  • We have knowledgeable and skilful computer engineering team taking care the services and advice you as professional
  • We have several packages for the business customers, for example, Web Hosting which is special performance Business Web Hosting, Web Hosting for general businesses, Linux Server, Windows Server, or Web Hosting that emphasize the space as Affordable Web Hosting .
  • We have daily & weekly backup s ystem at server backup. You are supported 24 hours including professional advices.
  • Money Back Guarantee 30 Days

Thailand Web Hosting that you can trust from " Ideal Creation center Co., Ltd. "

We provide the highest quality of Thai hosting service to help business and individuals discover and expand into the area of interactive business or to improve on their existing websites. Quality hosting is available for your business (and non-profit) web-sites on Thai Linux Servers or Windows Servers. Full support is included free with all of our services. IC-MyHost.com, your truly reliable and affordable hosting service. Reliable & affordable Thai hosting service by IC-MyHost.com

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