What exactly is a VPS service, and which websites are appropriate for VPS?

Many people are acquainted with Web Hosting services in the form of Shared Hostingor Dedicated server , but there are likely many people who are not familiar with VPS or Virtual Private Server service, which is an intriguing and very effective kind of Web Hosting service to use (in comparison to ordinary Shared Hosting) and the cost of service is not expensive.

For VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VPS Hostingservices,
A virtual server service is another alternative. This will enable us to utilize it as if it were a server. However, we do not rely only on that server. The following is the basic idea of creating a concise explanation as well as resources. In the server machine, divide components (such as CPU, RAM, and so on) into parts using programs (such as VMware, HyperV, Virtuozzo, and so on) and assign IP addresses to each part or allotted space. Once completed, the user will be able to access it through Remote Desktop Connection or management software. When we enter, we can see that it's similar to visiting a single server (in the case of utilizing Remote Desktop Connection), since you'll see the Windows Desktop page after that, depending on your choice or Service provider.

Next, let us gather the benefits and drawbacks of VPS Hosting services in order to make judgments of people who desire to utilize this service.

1. It is more efficient than Shared Hosting since local resources are clearly assigned to each client.
Causing no difficulties for other customers, such as Shared Hosting services, where certain websites may consume a significant amount of RAM, leading other websites to be affected (enters the website slowly).
Additionally, the service provider can optimize the service by acquiring extra services such as increasing RAM, CPU, or storage capacity (Harddisk).


2. Free to use VPS that allows us to install whatever software or application, we desire, but Shared Hosting does not enable us to do so from the service provider will only install what is required and may be used on any website.
It cannot be installed for a specific website.

3. The VPS service has a faster speed than the Shared Hosting service since it has its own IP address.
As a result, it operates at the same pace as the service provider.
Which will have both unlimited and restricted amounts that are sufficient to utilize, but it is still quicker than Shared Web Hosting, which must share the speed with every website.
In the same machine
4. Have a lot of privacy
Because the VPS service only includes our website.
Allows us to perform things like collect personal information and install applications.
In addition to utilizing the website as needed, you may also utilize additional methods.

5. High level of security
Because we can install programs to protect ourselves from external threats.
You may also select to turn the port on and off to utilize only the one you wish.
To lessen the possibility of an assault
In contrast to the Shared Hosting service, the server may be attacked from any website.
One of the devices
It may also have an impact on our website.
However, we must constantly check the operation of our VPS in order to avoid causing faults that might lead to an assault.

6. Importantly, VPS service is less expensive than aDedicated server service, making it appropriate for low-budget websites.
Alternatively, there is no need to utilize a dedicated server.

7. A VPS service may also alleviate a lot of difficulties for any corporation or organization that takes email seriously.
For example, eliminating the problem of queuing for sending and receiving e-mails since there will be a big number of queues waiting for sending and receiving e-mails if it is a Shared Hosting. Most significantly, decrease the problem with the IP used to send emails with SPAM Blacklist, since if we do not send emails until the blacklist itself, our emails will not be blocked by others.


1. Although it appears to be a Dedicated server, it is not, and so its performance is inferior. There are still spaces and resources available on that server for other customers to share. As a result, the performance is still lower to that of a dedicated server.

2. Despite the fact that there are applications to assist in management, users must still have an understanding of operating systems, whether Windows sever or Linux Server .
However, if we want to utilize something, such as installing a software or add-on apps, we must do so directly through the operating system. As a result, it might be difficult. May have to pay extra to have staff specialists come to take care of you

Sites with a lot of traffic or a lot of traffic are good candidates for VPS services.
As well as websites that make extensive use of email. Because the VPS service would address the issue of limitless traffic (Data Transfer) while not sharing with other websites. This can help to alleviate the issue of delayed website access.

In terms of email, if it is a VPS service, it will reduce the difficulty created by the huge amount of emails in the event by utilizing Shared Hosting, which may cause email delays or a misplaced email. It also solves the problem of previously sending emails.
Because the transmitting IP is only used by us, the destination cannot be received as well; however, if the IP that we do not use is not on the SPAM Blacklist, such issues will be resolved.

In general, utilizing a VPS service separates us from other websites (in the case of Shared Hosting) and when our website is problem-free. We'll be able to use it easily. And there is no issue. However, for websites that rely heavily on server resources, whether it's CPU, RAM, etc. in database usage, program processing, or any application, it's best to switch to a dedicated server service because resource utilization in a VPS service is only shared from the server machine. As a result, if you use it frequently, it may cause difficulties.

Date : 24 September 2013