IC-MyHost.com, this web site was verified by the Department of Business Development, the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand

What's Trustmark?

Trustmark is an emblem showing reliability which will increase the credibleness to Thai electronic entrepreneurs. Moreover, it is raise up the confidence to customers to buy and sell goods/.service via internet. It means that the website passes criterion of the Department of Business Development, the Minisitry of Commerce of Thailand which certifies that the website is reliable. www.ic-myhost.com is one of the service people who has received this Trust Mark. In Thailand, there are just only 4 service people from thousands website in web hosting, domain registration and web designer categories who have received this Trust Mark. Therefore, you can have confidence to use our service (IC-MyHost.com)

This why you can trust and user our services IC-MyHost.com

Date : 29 May 2009