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ICC Reference ID


When you are an IC-MyHost client, you will receive an ICC-ID (customer ID) per customer. Consequently, you can earn income easily when using our host. Just tell the impression on our service and introduce our host to people. If they apply for a new member or use IC-MyHost service and fill your ICC Ref ID, you will receive 10% of the host price from the first use of introduced people.

Conditions of payment

- The introducing reward can be accumulated and your host or domain fee in the next year can be subtracted from the introducing reward.
- If your introducing reward is accumulated over 1,000 baht, you can contact us to receive a cheque immediately or can be used to subtract with your host or domain fee in the next year.

When introduced person use our host Mini H1 H2 H3 H4 H5
6 months payment of introduced person 300 500 800 1100 1500 2700
10% for introducing reward 30 50 80 110 150 270
12 months payment of introduced person 500 900 1500 2000 2700 5000
10% for introducing reward 50 90 150 200 270 500
  - No effects on price and service of introduced people.
- No expiration for the accumulation.
- This promotion is reserved for IC-MyHost clients only.